Miss Hawaii

Annual Cash Scholarship for 2014

Though the overwhelming support of our presentation sponsor, State Farm Insurance, the Miss Hawaii Organization is pleased to present the following cash scholarships which are made available though the University of Hawaii Foundation on behalf of the Hawaii Agents of State Farm Insurance.

Miss Hawaii $5,000.00
First Runner Up $2,500.00
Second Runner Up $1,500.00
Third Runner Up $1,000.00
Fourth Runner Up $ 500.00
Seven Remaining State Finalist ($250 each) $2,500.00

Total Annual Cash Scholarship: $12,250.00

In-Kind Tuition (Waivers/Scholarships)

The Miss Hawaii Organization has helped to educate hundreds of women through the incredible kindness of Hawaii’s leading educational institutions.

Argosy Universlity $238,000.00
Med-Assist School of Hawaii $150,000.00
Chaminade University of Honolulu $10,405.00
Heald College $23,000.00
Scott Rogers Studio for Acting $15,300.00
Wayland Baptist Academy $16,000.00
Dale Carnegie Training of Hawaii                                             $1,700.00
International Air & Hospitality                                  $7,900.00

Total Annual In-Kind Tuition Waivers: $Annual In-Kind Tuition Waivers: $462,305.00

One Time Designated Scholarship

Through the kind and generous donations of the individuals below, the Miss Hawaii Organization has made available these designated scholarships to all contestants who have competed in the pageant year of 2010-2011 regardless of their placement. Designated scholarships are designed to provide scholarship assistance in these fields of interest.

Alvin H.L Chung, D.D.S Dental Scholarship $2,500.00
Bessinger Dermatology, G. Todd Bessinger $1,000.00
Edna Earle Rumsey Scholarship by Darrell Rumsey, PhD $1,000.00
First Hawaiian Bank/Miss America Community Service Scholarship $1,000.00
Henry M. Ichiho, M.D. Hawaiian Health Studies Scholarship $1,000.00
Inspire Award for Future Educators by Mrs. Jennifer Pimentel $500.00
Ola Kino Medical Scholarship by Ligaya Stice, M.D., PhD $2,000.00
Miss Hawaii/Miss America Academic Scholarship $1,000.00
Miss Hawaii Golf Tournament Scholarship $1,000.00
Dennis Momyer, D.C. Chiropractic Scholarship $2,500.00

Total One Time Designated Scholarship: $13,500.00

Individual Scholarship Donors

It is with sincere appreciation that the scholarship endeavors of the Miss Hawaii Organization finds assistance through the thoughtful support of individual donors.

Candes Meijide Gentry Performing Arts Scholarship $1,000.00
Caroline Tollefson Memorial $1,000.00
J. Watumull Foundation $1,000.00
Kevin Jarrell & Andy Kearney $1,000.00

Miss Hawaii Preliminary Pageant Scholarships

On a larger scale, the Miss Hawaii Organization’s scholarship endeavors span statewide through our local licensees and preliminary pageants who also offer scholarships in their communities. The totals below detail the total scholarships awarded during the current year through our local programs.

Total Individual Scholarship Donors: $5,000.00

Miss Hawaii Preliminary Pageant Cash Scholarships: $15,250.00
Miss Hawaii Preliminary Pageant Tuition Waiver Scholarships $306,000.00

Total Preliminary Pageant Scholarships: $321,250.00


 Total Amount of Scholarship Awards in 2014: $815,055.00